Cityscape - gregbenz
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The Stormy Sky and the Calm Reflection

A tripod is like a magnet for other photographers. I stood at the reflecting pool capturing a long exposure to smooth the water, when I noticed another photographer shooting over my shoulder. He figured if I'd bothered to drop a tripod, it must be a great shot! Then we got chatting about the shoot he was planning at Fenway Park the next day and chatting about the CamRanger I had hanging from my D800. The connection is somehow broken and will no longer trigger bulb exposures, so I picked up the CamRanger. I'll have to do a review of it at some point, but it's awesome. Among many other things, I can now take bracketed, long exposure sequences using my iPhone. After we chatted for a few minutes, I went back to watching the light fade over the reflecting pool. There's something about a smooth pool of water that just seems to reflect back peace and tranquility, even the sky looks like chaos.

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