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The Chinese Wormhole

The Chinese Wormhole

This scene reminds me of the wormhole from Interstellar. My girlfriend and some friends of ours went to see it on IMAX over the weekend. It seemed like a great omen when we (randomly) received a package of freeze-dried ice cream the day before. I used to think IMAX meant "massive screen", but I'm now under the impression that it means "some high school dude's car with MASSIVE speakers". The movie was so insanely loud that several people were covering their ears. But, hey, we still enjoyed it.

This image was taken in the main lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel in Hangzhou (pronouned like "hung jo"). Hangzhou is one of those cities that epitomizes the massive scale of China. It's almost exactly the same size as Chicago (America's 3rd largest city), but few American's have ever heard of it.

And while it may not be well known in the US, Hangzhou is very famous in China for "West Lake", which is a beautiful historic area and an major inspiration for Chinese artists and poets. It's also the inspiration for posting about Hangzhou today. I've been emailing back and forth with a new Chinese friend this week, Nelson. He's been using my luminosity masks this week to edit some lovely photos of West Lake that he shared with me. Too bad I don't have any photos of West Lake to share!

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