Cityscape - gregbenz
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I'm just going to come right out and say it, Zurich is painfully boring. I'm sure it's a great place to live, full of wonderful people and all. But visually, it's, (or There is one really stunning building, the University library, but they shooed my camera bag and I out of there in about 5 seconds. Between that and the high cost of everything.... I'd keep on moving, the Swiss Alps are right nearby. That said, I did like this composition on the riverfront and I found an awesome German restaurant called Zeughauskeller for dinner. And with names like Grossmünster and Münsterbrücke, I could at least make up stories about a gross monster who lives under this water to entertain myself while waiting for the light.

I shot this with my shiny new Sony a7Rii. I made one mistake, I forgot to turn off the Steady Shot (vibration reduction). I'm so used to just flipping a switch on the barrel of my Nikon lenses that I forgot to go into the settings and turn it off. As a result, a few of my images were a little blurry (where the camera tried to correct some non-existent vibration). Hopefully someday Sony will just add an algorithm that automatically turns off Steady Shot if the camera hasn't been moving (ie, is on a tripod), but until then, be sure to turn it off to consistently get maximum sharpness with a tripod. For a full list of the settings I recommend for the a7Rii, go to

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